What we offer at Rea Sound

An Introduction to Rea Sound

In recent years, we are pleased to offer complete solutions to cater to a vast array of clients. For professional audio, induction loops, visual equipment, cameras and lighting solutions. We specialise in installations for churches, theatres, entertainment venues as well as corporate and education premises. We have tailored products and services to suit any type of space or technical requirements for Audio Visual and Lighting.


We are proud to be a trusted distributor to some of the AV and lighting brands around the world. Our distributed brands include Coda Audio, Nexo, Martin Audio London, Allen & Heath and DiGiCo. We have also partnered with audio-technica, RFC and TOA.

Within lighting and visual, we are proud to distribute ADJ and Kramer. We are pleased to work with such a range of brands, that provide a wide variety of choice for our end users.


Our installations are catered specifically to each place of worship and take an individualised approach to each church and offer top of the range audio, visual, lighting and streaming equipment. We have a vast knowledge of streaming options, which are certainly a hot topic at present! We offer reliable solutions for your Churches, maximising easy to use equipment,
from simple fixed cameras to multiple 4k video capture with processing and output all taken care of.

The very concept of what a Church service looks and feels like has changed with the COVID-19 pandemic and recent national lockdowns. However, what we offer at Rea Sound are cost effective solutions for streaming and recording. We have options for cameras, controllers, switches, matrices, splitters and convertors. Most of all, our team is here to help you through the changes and offer expert advice and technical support.


Our team also provides installation work in corporate spaces such as board rooms, meeting rooms and receptions. We introduce alarm units and CCTV systems to these areas, keeping staff, clients and visitors safe and assured.


Our expertise spans across all sectors. We install audio, visual and lighting equipment to schools and universities; in classrooms, assembly halls and receptions, giving students an optimised learning experience with the most modern equipment and technologies.

Arts and Theatres

Our team at Rea Sound also offer complete technical fit outs in theatres for all your audio, visual and lighting needs. Not only that, but we can install flying and rigging equipment, lamps, staging and drapes.


Our skills allow us to install audio and video walls, display advertising, CCTV and alarms in retail premises. This can make the customer’s shopping experience as pleasant and simple as possible, boosting your business, your reputation and hopefully your sales.

Pre-Owned Equipment

We also have a range of pre-owned equipment readily available for purchase. If you’re interested, click here or call 028 8676 4059 for more information.

We are experts in audio, visual and lighting equipment and installation. Technology moves so quickly, but we know how to keep up with it.

Get in touch with us to avail of our services.