The benefits of Audio Visual Equipment in Education

Throughout the past decade, audio visual technology has made huge progress in the education sector. Schools and universities are now an energised and interactive environment and this has worked miracles for productivity and learning. Studies have proven that students react well to audio visual aids as they are more attentive and retain information better. Here at Rea Sound, we specialise in audio visual equipment installation and we have a huge range of audio visual equipment


Audio visual equipment promotes collaboration and communications between the students. Previously, education was seen as a one way communication, where the educator spoke to the students only. Now, however, education is seen as a collaborative exercise; teachers and lecturers work alongside students and explore different ideas and opinions. Audio visual equipment makes it easier for the student to actively participate. 

– The visual learners in a class can thrive just as much as the auditory learners with audio visual equipment. 4K laser projectors which produce extremely high quality images are becoming increasingly popular and can capture the attention of the entire class. 

– Collaboration and a wide range of tools become available to the teacher with audio visual equipment. For example, the opportunity to sync devices and connect different apps, for example, to allow students to add content to a document, means that every student can be engaged and involved. 

– Audio visual equipment can also encourage students with various learning disabilities. For example, audio systems installed can improve the learning experience for a student with a hearing impairment. 

– Students with hearing impairments are able to hear more clearly with audio enhancement systems. Also, if a student has dyslexia, they may have some difficulty processing the information in a text book, but interactive whiteboards can revive a lesson and bring it to life with different colours, video clips, images and more.

The benefits of audio visual equipment in education are clear, and at Rea Sound, we have a wide range of equipment available. Check out what we have available and contact us today to arrange an installation.