Maxhub UC S10


All-in-one conference soundbar: camera, speaker and microphone with multi-connection – ideal for Meeting rooms, Huddle Spaces & Classrooms

Key features

  • Conference audio with camera unit for meeting room
  • 12MP camera with digital zoom for excellent video
  • HD sound speaker for clear conversations
  • Microphone with 8 meters of range, without noise or echoes
  • WiFi and LAN connection
  • Wireless connection for presentations and collaboration
  • Multiple connections: USB, HDMI and 3.5mm jack
  • Compact Size
  • Wall mountable
Superior imagery and pro audio ensure you see every face and hear every word. Built-in Android provides effortless connection. Easy setup and operation remove every barrier to successful meetings.
A Visionary Camera
Combining precision optics with intelligent functions, the US S10 camera has been reinvented to
provide stunning image quality and auto framing in huddle spaces and large conference rooms alike.
Auto-framing | 5X digital zoom|120° Viewing angle | 12MP | 3 Camera position presets
Studio-quality Sound
6-element Microphone | 8W Speakerphone
The UC S10 captures and reproduces speech with impeccable clarity, even for participants in the far corners of a conference room.
Superior voice intelligibility - From the 6-element microphone, with noise reduction, echo cancellation, and 8-meter voice pickup.
Room-filling audio - The powerful 8W speakerphone reaches every listener.