We provide a complete AV solution for your company

Integrated Custom Control solutions for simple interaction with the technical equipment – making it easy to begin, conduct and end your meetings, digital signage and audio solutions.


Audio plays a large part in your company – ranging from high quality background music, Hard of Hearing solutions for reception or meeting rooms, meeting room audio and Paging / emergency EVAC solutions


From video walls, digital advertising, meeting room touch screens and projectors, highly effective visuals aids in the effectiveness of your message and staff productivity alike.


The way we meet has changed over the past 12 months. Your meeting space in your office is ever more important for huddle meetings and linking to those who are remote. From audio, cameras, displays, control and interaction we make a user-friendly solution, custom-designed for your company.

Previous Completed Venue Projects

A small selection of contracts we have recently completed, ranging from simple straight forward sound systems to fully

digital sound reinforcement systems, lighting, projection and visual contracts.

Titanic Suites – Meeting Room / Reception

We were approached to provide a unique solution for Titanic Suites to include a complete meeting room fit-out, a Market Suite visual solution including recording and streaming and a reception digital advertising solution.

Armagh Planetarium

We have worked on a number of stages within the Armagh Planetarium to include Visual, Audio and Lighting within the Reception & Café, the Exhibition areas, the meeting and events rooms, the Library, the Board Room and exterior areas.

All areas can be controlled by Custom programmed touch panels to allow for placing multiple sources on any display and the correct audio to the correct area and at the right level. Whilst a highly complex system the user interface is designed to be logical and easy to use for any of the team members. Throughout the venue, we have been able to provide an enhanced visitor experience by adding a discrete and powerful AV solution.

LS Browne Centre – Meeting Room / Reception / Board Room / Dental Suites

A building wide solution for this unique training facility.  The LS Browne Centre is a centre for excellency in Dental training.  The solution of a totally customised Kramer and Allen & Heath Control suites, coupled with 4k displays and Martin Audio speakers has be greatly welcomed by the client and by those visiting the facility.