Audio Visual Equipment for your Church

These days, most churches use audio visual equipment as a regular part of their services. Every place of worship is different and requires different apparatus. Before fitting the correct audio visual equipment for your church, our team will spend time assessing it and becoming familiar with it.

There are, however, some pieces of kit common to every installation, we’d like to spend some time illustrating these and how they may benefit your Church auditorium or Church hall(s).



Naturally the right speaker is very important. The position and look of them is key. Here’s our advice.

If you can position your speakers in a space with minimum visual impact, where you can experience the best sound quality but keep the equipment out of sight. Remembering that churches are usually old buildings, sensitivity and care should always form part of your chosen position.  A vast array of speaker shapes and sizes are available, by speaking to us
we will always provide you the best solution which may include slim line products that we have available. Finally, try to make them invisible. If the background is cream, purchase the speakers in cream. You want your audio experience to be seamless and to add to the church rather than to take away from it.


Sound desks 

With the advancement of technology in the audio field, we are able to offer a wide range of options when it comes to Sound desks. From small format compact consoles to full scale hundreds of channels. The ability to utilise digital consoles provides much more flexibility.
This can include a different audio feed for online streaming as opposed to the audio heard within the Church. Or even only certain sound sources can be feed to a creche, foyer or overflow area. This offers complete flexibility. Add this to have the desk located in a cupboard and all either controlled by aniPad or can be set up for self-control for normal everyday use.

Projectors and Screens 

It is quite common to have a screen projection of liturgical texts, hymns, images and videos throughout the service. Especially now when Hymn Books are not in use, these are proving more popular. Before you make the screen choice, there are a number of options available including Display screens like a TV in sizes right up to 102” or projection screens right up to
8m wide.

Projectors are getting brighter and sharper each year, however a display screen still has the edge on quality to cost ratio. Consider sight lines and where the sunlight can shine through. Also how any screen is to be fixed to the wall or ceiling is important.



The use of cameras is now common practice and in extremely high demand. The camera allows for the image to be sent to overflow rooms, creche rooms, foyers and even to the internet. There is a wide choice of cameras all have advantages and disadvantages. One or two important things to look out for is that they should all be Full HD 1080i/p and have an
SDI or HDMI output. This will allow for the most flexibility.

So, when you are considering audio visual equipment for your church, be aware of the common pieces of apparatus that will need installed, speakers, sound desks, cameras and screens.

Here at Rea Sound, we have plenty of products that match these descriptions, and we know that every church is different, so we don’t take a ‘one size fits all’ approach.

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